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Your Child's Path to Success Begins Here

Christ Lutheran Prechool is a 2.5 Year-TK Grade school that's accredited by the National Lutheran School Commission (NLSC) and the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC). We're committed to Christian values, and believe in educating the whole child - academic, social, and spiritual.
See for yourself all the ways Christ Lutheran School can give your child the quality education and individualized care they deserve.

The Christ Lutheran Preschool Way




At Christ Lutheran Preschool, we champion the growth of your whole child - intellectual, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional. Every facet of your child's development is attended to with a challenging curriculum, warm school culture, and nurturing staff.




Rather than learning fast facts to regurgitate on a test, our students engage with the curriculum by seeing how it unfolds in their daily lives. We teach students to view topics of study through the lenses of curiosity and wonder, which cultivates a love of learning and discovery.




We're devoted to developing students' character traits like integrity, leadership, courage, confidence, self-awareness, and compassion. Our teachers model servant leadership and facilitate spiritual learning that lays a strong moral foundation for high school and adult life.

Finding Christ Lutheran Preschool was such a godsend for us

Kim Marshall Family

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Finding Christ Lutheran Preschool was such a godsend for us – we had been through a series of different daycare and preschool programs in the area and none of them seemed the right fit for our son. But as soon as we started at CLP, we felt so understood and welcomed by the staff and the other parents, and our son thrived from the very beginning. Now that we’ve been in for over a year, we can’t recommend the school highly enough - the teachers are incredibly willing to work with the needs of each child, they are consistent and very responsive to our questions or concerns, and we always feel like they have time for us. We have been really happy with the curriculum, our son is almost always excited to talk about his day and what he did, and the variety of topics they learn about and skill sets they practice has kept him engaged and interested day after day. We’ve seen great improvement in both his scholastic ability and his personal development skills. He's developed so much this year in so many wonderful ways, and we know the folks at CLP have had a huge hand in that. Both the school and the church have provided a family we didn’t know we were missing, and we are so blessed to have been led to them.
Victoria Wilner
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